Monday, 16 September 2019

Let your face be a winner for your company's security and surveillance.

Face reader is equipped with high resolution infrared camera and IR LEDs to analyze, identify and authenticate a person's face symmetry in a place which receives low or NO light. The IR LEDs installed in the machine reflects the light and helps the face reader to read the face symmetry. This authentication process has achieved decent accuracy and has broke the myth that face reader wont be able to perform under low lighting conditions.


To provide a cut above security, face readers can also be installed with Tripods, Turnstiles, Exit Buttons & Door locks. Areas which demand highest level security and inspection checks also install above mentioned barriers . Face readers synchronized with barriers gives incomparable preservation to any department as to trespass these barriers are nearly impossible and physical damage to it can invite serious problems for the bad elements.

Above mentioned points have proved the fact that face reader or face recognition is a name of complete security and is amongst the top recognition technologies. With every step the biometric industry is taking for making the workplaces and offices more secure, face recognition with regular Modifications and advancements is proving to be the ace of biometric industry.

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