Friday, 13 September 2019

Geo Fencing – Mark territory for your employees

Suffering with no productivity and security of your out duty employees? Lets define a boundary to work.

Yes it's possible with Geo Fencing. A location based virtual boundary fencing software which helps you to map the area for an employee and notifies the Head of the departments to monitor their employee's movement within the Geo fenced area.

  • Works for various departments like Sales, Marketing, Human Resource, Support and all others.
  • Mobile push notifications, alerts and text message notifications to the head of the departments.
  • Connectivity features like GPS, RFID, Wi-Fi & cellular data.
  • Multi location, multi departments, different branches & multi user options.
  • Helps you to manage you hourly workforce.
  • Beneficial in high security situations and restricted access.

So join now to get more details over the Geo fencing system and all the latest advancements in biometric world.

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