Monday, 31 December 2018

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Fitness Management System

In this age of technology, if you aren’t using it in the best way possible you will be taken over by the competition. Fitness is a major concern for the millennials and joining a gym or any sports club is a growing trend amongst them. With the clientele growing in both quantity and quality, it is very important for Gyms and Clubs to provide the best facilities possible. Although having good trainers and equipment would have your work cut out for you a few years back, now you also need good Gym management software.
Club Management Software is like any employee management software which helps you keep track of your members and connect with them better. When your clientele consists of high profile crowd then sophistication also plays a very important role in client management. People don’t like their IDs being checked and you can’t expect a security officer to familiarize each and every face. So that’s where a club management system which uses biometric technology can help you. Now there is no need tocheck IDs and people do like to be the part of clubs which uses technology for the better.
It’s not important that the Gym Management system employs biometric technology but its certainly a step up. Gym Management Software by Starlink India is a very good example for that matter, you will get many features which will not only help in tracking and access control for the members but also helps with effective client service.
The club management software will help you with:
  • Billing
  • Easily create an invoice for members as per their membership.
  • Notifications & Alerts
  • Alerts regarding offers and new membership programs.
  • Renewals
  • Clients can easily renew their membership online.
  • Biometric Access Control
The members can easily enter the gym floor by scanning their fingerprints.
The user can also log in to the software with their unique ID and password. They can check their progress in form of regular fitness reports. You can explore different diet and workout plan to select the one that fits you the best. You can also check the schedule of the personal trainers to book a personal training session in advance.

Friday, 28 December 2018

Different Modules Available in Savvy HRMS by Starlink

Savvy HRMS is a need which that cant be avoided by any organization in the current scenario. All the companies spend a lot of money on an effective HRMS which can keep a complete track of employee activities and finance from the point of their appointment to their last working day.
Savvy HRMS by Starlink India comes with over 20 modules which help the employer to manage all the aspects of the employee activities. From biometric attendance system to time management system and from training management to asset tracking, there are many other features and modules to support your system and increase the productivity. Here is a list of all the features which makes this Savvy HRMS by Starlink one of the best in business.
  1. Rich Configuration
  2. Dynamic Process
  3. Hire To Retire Process
  4. Policy Base Leave Management
  5. Role-Based Dashboard
  6. Self Service
  7. Manager Service
  8. HR Service
  9. Online Survey
  10. Email and SMS alert
  11. Succession Planning
  12. Interactive Interface
  13. Effective HR Policy
  14. Customization Possible
  15. Data Portability
  16. Access on the Go
  17. Mobile Application
As we stated earlier there are many different specific modules in this HR management software to make employee management easy for the employer. Starlink’s HR Management Software comes with one of the best payroll systems which help to keep track of the finances easier than ever. Here is a list of modules present in the Starlink’s Savvy HRMS:
  1. Document Management
  2. Conference Room Booking
  3. Survey Tool
  4. OnBoarding Management
  5. Separation Management
  6. Training Management
  7. Performance Management
  8. Manager Services
  9. Asset Management
  10. Helpdesk Management
  11. Recruitment Management
  12. Statutory Compliance
  13. Payroll Management
  14. Tax Management
  15. Loan Management
  16. Task Management
  17. Reimbursement Management
  18. Travel & Expense Management
  19. Attendance & Leave Management
  20. Shift and Roster management
    1. Punch/Attendance Regularization
    2. On Duty Request
    3. Leave Request
    4. Compensatory Off
    5. Over Time
  21. Employee Self Service
  22. HR Services
With specific modules as mentioned above and a very user-friendly interface, Starlink’s Savvy HR Management Software is an effective integration of the best payroll system, finance management, and employee activity management. So if your organization is looking for an HRMS with every feature in the book then Starlink’s Savvy HRMS will be perfect.

Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Canteen management system

The biometric canteen management system is designed for large set-ups.
#Features :
Large LCD display
✔️62,500 recording capacity
✔️9,560 fingerprint template storage
✔️Built-in Thermal printer
✔️Heavy duty metallic body
✔️Built-in battery back-up up to 48 hours
✔️Built-in TCP/IP connectivity
✔️Large Red/Green indicators
#Benefit for Buyer :Customization possible (according to the requirement)
☎️+91 11 4059 8888
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Thursday, 20 December 2018

Does Your Business Need Payroll Software?

This question must be on the back on your head and if it isn't, it definitely should be. After your business reaches a certain level, managing your resources can be a headache and it can cost you precious time and money to just manage your employees and look after their salary and working hours. You can keep track of all your employees working hours without the help of biometric devices to track their attendance and Clock-in/Clock-out time.

Payroll software can really make life easier for you, integrated with a time office software can help you track the activities of your employees and help you distribute their wages accordingly.
A Payroll software has many advantages over manual filing, trackingand salary distribution. If you have a business big enough that you are having trouble doing the you must go for Payroll software made by Star Link India and get the following benefits.

Faster, Simpler & Efficient
A business venture has to maintain a lot of records and it can be really hard and time-consuming to do it all manually. With a payroll software, you don't need to do any of that because it will all be done automatically.

Automated And Cloud-Based 
The greatest advantage of having a Payroll software is automation. You no longer have to keep track of every employee’s working time, leaves, absentees and breaks just use the time office software and it will automatically provide you with all the employee records and data to dispatch salary.

Low Investment On Cost And 24*7 Access
A company can save a lot of fortune by simply cutting off the cost of the manpower required to keep track of employees or any related activities. 

The major importance of Payroll software is its transparency and accessibility. Employees can track their records by simply logging in through their User ID and password. They can apply for leaves, check their working hours and easily contact superiors in case of any mistake

Fewer Errors And Clashes
Humans are prone to and with a multistep process where the files go through various hands, the chances of an error increase even further. With an automated payroll software, that doesn’t happen anymore. No Errors, No Clashes.

Wednesday, 19 December 2018


Bio-Lynx is perfect #device helping you by #increasing the #productiveness of your #company. Bio-lynx is a #versatile device which may be used at any type of set-up and #work_place. Bio-lynx device is likewise enabled with #data_push_technology.

Technical Specifications:-

  • Processor: ARM 9 MCU @ 200MHz
  • Memory storage: 4 GB SD Memory Card
  • User Capacity: 15,000
  • Finger templates storage: 9560 templates
  • Display LCD 128×64 STN / YELLOW Graphics Display (70.70mm × 38.80mm)
  • Identification Time: Less than 1 Sec
  • USB Port: Support Pen drive for data transfer, USB Data Card
  • A-GPS for navigation details: longitude and latitude
  • Card Type Contact less: EM 4100 Card (Proximity) / (ISO / IEC 14443 A)
  • Read Range / Frequency: EM Card up to 120mm / 125 Hz / up to 60 mm / 13.56 MHZ
  • Communication Method: Serial Rs232, Ethernet TCP / IP Protocol, GPRS – GSM / CDMA
  • Baud Rate (Selectable): (2400-115200) bps, TCP / IP Ethernet 10/100 Mbps
  • Operating Temperature: 0 to 50 °C
  • Operating Humidity: 10 to 90% Non-condensing
  • Operating Voltage: DC 12V, 1A Through Adapter (Battery Backup Optional at extra cost)
  • Keypad: 16 Key (4×4)
  • Dimension / Weight: L: 182mm H: 155mm W: mm W: 45mm / 500gms
  • Visual Indicator: Red / Green LED / Message on LCD in English
  • Audio Indicators:Voice Guided message (Adjustable volume).
  • Customized voice greetings (Optional at extra cost)

Scanner Specifications:-

  • Dedicated 400MHz DSP 2 Mb RAM
  • ISO/IEC 19794 Fingerprint Template
  • Sensor Technology: Optical CMOS
  • Sensing Area: 16.0mm × 19.0mm
  • Image Size (Pixels): 272 × 320
  • Image Resolution: 500 dpi
  • Finger Verification Option: 1:N, 1:1
  • Finger Template Size: 384 bytes.
  • EER < 0.1%
  • Enrollment Time: 1~1.5 Sec
  • Verification < 0.8 Sec
  • Identification Time: 1~1.5 Sec

Standard Applications:

Time Attendances, Access Control, Payroll, Canteen, Visitor mgt.

Other Applications:

School / College Mgt., Club Mgt., Gym Mgt., Coffee Vending Machines,
(SDK in server mode only available for any other applications for system integrators)

Hardware Interface:

Boom barrier, Turnstile, Flap Barrier

Operational Modes:-

  • Only Finger
  • Only Card (EM)
  • Card with finger
  • Finger in card ( 2 fingers in 1 Kb card, 10 fingers in 4KB card)
  • Card with password
  • Pin with passsword
  • Only PIN
  • Note: Combination varies as per the model

Why STAR LINK is ahead of others?

  • Latest technology
  • Superior Standards of quality
  • Customization facility
  • Competitive prices
  • Prompt delivery
  • Excellent after sales services
  • Complete solution as per need

✔️For more information:
☎️+91 11 4059 8888
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Saturday, 15 December 2018

Biometric safety – the first-class security for your private home and office

Biometric generation like fingerprint get right of entry to controls with electromagnetic locks has been empowering the security at essential businesses for a long time now. But is that all biometric device is restricted to, the solution is no. The biometric get admission to manage device is now the want of the hour and can be better trickled down for the clients and house security.

Biometric protection will improve the safety measure for your home, office or any other residence through many folds. There are more than one benefits of the usage of biometric devices to at ease your private home.
First off, the residents of the society or any complex not want to carry any identity, there will be a security protocol primarily based on any of the bodily attributes like fingerprints, palm print or face popularity. It will likely be less difficult for the owner to govern the get right of entry to to any precise vicinity as the can just set the tool for selected people.

The owner just wishes to offer the records about the human beings he wants to skip through in the database and from there the system will permit most effective them to bypass. It’s easy to screen the complaints as you can constantly check the facts on-line thru your admin get admission to.

On the handiest degree, the biometric device will get rid of the want for a key and will provide keyless access to the allowed human beings with their fingerprints.

Those capabilities are very correctly utilized by the hospitality area and safety quarter. It has additionally located its vicinity in excessive-end society with smart homes. So it’s high time now to adjust the generation to the simple stage wherein it may be used by primary customers.

Customized protection is any other remarkable element of the biometric safety device, it permits simply you and the opposite pick individuals whom you have enlisted within the database to get to your own home or sources. The scanners appended can keep many fingerprints, and permit impermanent access to the house for brief people, or restrained access to the house for maids and sitters.

Today, even some biometric safety organizations offer some kinds of far flung scanners. They match to your hold close like a far flung control, examine your particular mark, and send a flag on your manner to pop it open. This detail permits you to open the entryway from within the house without transferring out of your area and bodily open it.