Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Door SecurityDevice

Our team work with the idea of empowering the corporate world with #minimum_security_breaches, #total_safety amongst the colleagues and the result came out is
Door_Controller_Access_Control_System” which is equipped with features like:
👉Anti Pass back option.
👉Can control up to 8 doors.
👉Sleek & stylish slave reader.
👉Pizzo electric buzzer for acceptance/rejection indication.
Monitoring and access range starts from 15,000 to 50, 000 users.
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Monday, 17 June 2019

Gym Management System

Just like you are fitness concerned, we too are concerned for the value and time you dedicate into the gym and Gym Management System can be your next fitness guide.
With the features like:
#Daily, #weekly, #monthly, #quarterly & #annually card recharge facility.
3 Days prior #recharge reminder
Prepaid/Postpaid options.
#Multiple report #generation.
And many other options to uncover. So don't delay you next steps towards an awesomely managed gym.
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Saturday, 15 June 2019

Visitor Management System : STARLINK

Visitor_Management_Systems is a hashtagweb_based_system, that offers a very hashtagefficient and hashtageffective way of hashtagregistering the hashtagvisitor’s check-in and check-out properly and accurately with complete details. 1. Burden free registration. 2. Track records of every visitor. 3. Quick authentication. 4.Multi level checking without customer involvement through hashtagorganized_composition. And with lots of other features hashtagVisitor_Management_System assures you and your hashtagvisitors to have a hashtagfruitful_and_productive_experience. For more details - 👉http://bit.ly/2DFjN2B

Thursday, 6 June 2019

Canteen Management Solution - STARLINK

CanteenManagement Solution: -Defined items & customized menus. -hashtagCashlessTransactions – Prepaid and Postpaid. -Food planning – Reduced food wastage. -Informative customized reports.
Star Link's Canteen Management Solution because wasting food and money is a bad thought.
For more : http://bit.ly/2IQ2xLV Visit : www.starlinkindia.com Email :