Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Bio Face Reader: Best Facial Recognition System in India

Face recognition is becoming a popular biometric attendance system in companies facing a decrease in productivity due to inappropriate security measures. Not only big organizations but airports and other high-alert areas have also started using face recognition as it provides the highest accuracy and fooling the face recognition system by impersonating someone else is next to impossible.
Bio Face Reader from Star Link automatically analyses various parts of a human face such as eyes, cheeks, and ears and looks for matching data in the database. In fact, it is also capable of modelling a face in real-time without any manual interference.

Why Choose Bio Face Reader by Star Link?

  • Offers low-cost high-profile security without affecting the normal working of an organization
  • Easy to integrate with the current security system
  • Contact-less biometric solution
  • Works perfectly even in low-light areas
  • Accurate, robust, and simple in use

Applications of Face Recognition Biometric System

  • Organizations with a large number of employees, where keeping an eye on every individual is difficult
  • Record and monitor the attendance of employees
  • Security agencies, to identify and catch suspects based on their facial identity
  • Airports, to avoid criminal activities

Advantages of Bio Face Reader over Fingerprint-based biometric attendance system

  • Accurate identification and accountability: Bio Face reader provides more accurate identification, resulting in a decrease in unwanted breaches
  • Highly-Efficient: Incorporating bio face reader in your organization will help you efficiently track check-in & check-out time
  • Prevents Time mismanagement: Since it is automatic and doesn’t require human interference, it reduces administrative time, preventing time mismanagement
  • Reduces Errors: Humans can make mistakes but bio face reader is accurate and removes any chances of errors.
  • Scalable: It is important to have systems in place that can scale with your business as it grows. Bio Face reader has the potential to store up to 5 lakh records.
  • Cost-efficient: Fingerprint based recognition system require high-quality fingerprint device to effectively capture and monitor fingerprints
Unlike fingerprint and card based biometric attendance system, face recognition system cannot be bypassed by impersonating someone else. Also, it doesn’t require human contact at all.

Concluding Remarks

Bio face reader is ideal for industries with security concerns. It has the capability to record and monitor the attendance of each and every employee and eliminates human errors. Also, it removes the need for human contact.
Star Link is a leading provider of Biometric attendance system and is known for its quality grade products. Their team of highly qualified professionals ensures that all their products are designed as per client’s requirement.

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