Monday, 18 September 2017

Why Biometric Technology Is Still Not the Absolute Replacement for Passwords

A good security token is the one that distinctively corresponds to you and which nobody could know, guess or copy. This is the reason why security experts suggest us to use long and random passwords for our safety. However, it is not as easy as it sounds because it gets hard to memorize strong and unique passwords.

Biometric technology as we know right now is the hot favorite technique of securing any place. It had to happen counting it is such a trouble free way of security than that of passwords we have to remember. In biometrics, our finger or thumb impressions not only make our job easier but also are unique by nature.

Also, biometric technology removed the trouble of hacking considering it is not a cakewalk for someone to hack your fingerprints than cracking the pass code. Following the best security practices, setting strong passwords for separate devices and then memorizing the same every time is not an easy thing as compared to biometrics.

So, if a biometric system seems so better in every department, why is there a need for amelioration? Why still the technology is not the astute replacement for the pesky passwords?

First and foremost, it is a certain fact that biometrics will play an important part in future validation. But we need to understand that the system is not a cure for everything at the present moment. There are still many issues that prevail which need to be taken care of in order to make the technology thoroughly invulnerable.

A lot of researchers in the world have stated that it is not exactly true that biometrics cannot be rehashed as they tried on fooling fingerprint readers and successfully got past the digital scanners via some special pair of glasses. More to it, the biometrics that were instigated initially keep all the data stored on server rather than restricting it to the client so breaching the security system isn't impossible in this case scenario.

Last year it was reported that in a United States Office of Human Resource Management, touch ID's of millions of government employees were stolen which first raised the suspicion on the tech. Immediately ascertaining the threat, the mobile companies quickly altered the fingerprint system in the devices by adding a password security succeeding the touch ID.

This data breach made it clear that biometrics is not impeccable. In fact they have simply shunned the passwords. Counting it can get very problematic if someone cannot log in with his or her touch ID, all the software companies ranging from Microsoft's Windows 10 and Google's Android have provided password tool as well to ensure this does not happen.

So, relying on biometric authentication is not recommended at the current time as having a backup in the form of passwords is very important. This process is called multi factor authentication (MFA) where we can put biometric as one of the two-way security procedure, while passwords the other.

Biometrics are indeed a fantastic method of verification but the tech is not yet a completely error proof. So, it should not be taken as an outright replacement for passwords but instead must be implemented along with it for enhanced protection.

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Saturday, 16 September 2017

Star Canteen Management System | Web Based |Star Link

 Canteen Management System is a facility management system, in which an electronic device is connected to a software, that automates work like maintenance of employee records and generating of reports. A growing number of companies that provide dining facilities have started using canteen management systems for multiple reasons.

Whether a company decides to use a canteen management system or not is a matter of advantages outweighing the disadvantages or vice versa, but CMSs replacing manual work in an increasing number of canteens across the world represents a paradigm shift in business process. Read More...

Watch full Video of Canteen Management Systems 

Friday, 8 September 2017

Global Fingerprint Scanner Market 2016-2021

Biometric technology, as we know it is an automated method of determining a person's identity based on their behavioral or physiological traits. Among the most widely measured human characteristics are fingerprint, Iris, vein, voice, hand, face, and gait. And among these mostly used categories, the modality that dominates the biometric market is fingerprint scanning.

Owing to their above-average accuracy and relatively lower implementation costs, fingerprint scanners are used throughout the world in an array of devices including healthcare, defense, consumer goods, etc.

However, there are certain limitations we face while implementing fingerprint scanners. This is mainly due to the cultural barriers. In fact, it's one of the most major factors triggering the downfall of fingerprint market. Also contributing to the fact is the lack of any global standardization in its implementation.

The fingerprint Lock Market 2016-2021 would help you better understand the present scenario and future growth prospects. This in-depth, professional research report covers the fingerprint industry analysis, size, growth, trends and forecasts for the period between 2016 and 2021.

In this article, I'm just providing you with a brief overview to help you understand the market segmentation and applications. With the information that follows, you'd be able to better evaluate your position in your industry and would be able to foresee probable opportunities and threats. This would help you make informed decisions and strengthen your position within the industry.

Let's go through the evaluation offered in the report:

Fingerprint Lock Market: Top Manufacturers
- Stanley Black and Decker
- Marsalock
- Dorma+Kaba Group
- Anviz
- Samsung Digital Door
- KEYU Intelligence
- Tenon, and
- Westinghouse

Fingerprint Lock Market: Product Types
- Cosmetic Grade
- Pharmaceutical Grade, and
- Food Grade

Fingerprint Lock Market: Applications
- Medical Hygiene
- Cosmetic
- Health Products, and
- Plastic Surgery

Fingerprint Lock Market: Raw Material Analysis:
- Price trend of key raw materials required
- Suppliers of such raw materials
- Key raw materials, and
- Market concentration rate of these raw materials

Fingerprint Lock Market: Industrial Chain, Strategy:
- Fingerprint industrial chain analysis
- Upstream material sourcing
- Major manufacturers, and
- Downstream buyers

Marketing Channel:
- Direct marketing
- Indirect marketing, and
- Marketing development trend

Marketing Positioning:
- Pricing and branding strategy
- Target Clients

Market Effect Analysis:
- Technology Risks: Substitute threat and industry progress
- Customer needs
- Political/Environmental/Economic changes

You can buy the complete report at Absolute Reports. You can buy the complete report at Absolute Reports. It would you clear insights into the present industry scenario and future scope and developments. A lot of effort went into the report by a proficient team of experts and analysts. Brimming with qualitative analyses, tables, and graphs, the fingerprint lock market report is an invaluable intelligence repository for all the firms dealing in fingerprint biometrics.

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Thursday, 7 September 2017

What is the need of Canteen Management System ? | STAR LINK

Star Canteen Management System

Manage the dining facility and it explains the importance of canteen management.