Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Star Link wishes you a very Happy and promising New Year 2020

#Good, #bad, #inspiring, #unhappy, #surprising, #struggling, #commending and #praising, we must have written down every experience in our book called “life” for the year 2019 and now its time to turn the page to a new year, to pen down some new ways to adorn ours as well as our dear ones lives.

Team Star Link wishes you a very Happy and promising New Year 2020 and desires to see a new world full of humanity, care, love and brotherhood. May your life gets brighten up with some of the most beautiful and long-awaited moments.

Thursday, 26 December 2019

Can Biometrics be Metal Strong?

When Biometric attendance machines and access control systems took birth in plastics, can there be any other option to offer them more firmness?

Plastic, a Stereotype for Biometrics:

The world is now well versed with the thought on how a biometric attendance machine would look like. If a person wants to go deep down into the Design & Development part of it, apart from all the electrical and electronic devices, it is majorly being made up of good quality plastic. And that's what we desire for, in terms of outer finish and appearance of a bio-metrically operated attendance machines and access control systems as features are always given preference over the casing.

Why the need for Metallic Casing appeared?

But the conditions are not same everywhere. A light weight plastic made biometric attendance machine can be best suited for Corporate offices with fewer employees and comparatively less wear and tear as compared to big industrial setups, factories, warehouses where a machine will come in contact with Thousands of labors, workers, technicians and many others. It would be difficult for a plastic to bear such amount of load.

Unskilled labors are not familiar with such equipments and training needs to be given to use such machines but results won't be satisfactory as deformity will definitely appear in the machine. Next problem arises with the environmental conditions of such places as manufacturing units are comparatively hotter, moist and unpleasant. On the other hand a machine would come in contact with labor's dirty, greezy wet hands or fingers making the machine more prone to defects and UN-functionality. So the question here is,

  • What can be used instead of Plastic?
  • What can be more strength-full with decent looks along with outstanding performance?

Answer can be simple, to use any metallic substance for casing of biometric machines but the next obstacle will be the Design & Development facility with which it can be designed, manufactured and assembled. This can only be implemented by an Indian manufacturer with in-house Research & Development team and facilities. Next struggle is with the user friendly approach of the machine which should help the unskilled employees to mark the attendance easily.

  • Symbols to show where to punch the attendance through finger or card in National or Native language can be the finest idea for labors
  • Visual confirmation through Red/Green indicators can act as an add on for surety
  • Audible confirmation in National/Native language can mark the final acceptance for attendance

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Monday, 23 December 2019

NEWS : CITCO ( Chandigarh's Industrial and Tourism Development Corporation )

A falling graph of Chandigarh's Industrial and Tourism Development Corporation (CITCO) has compelled the organization to install Biometric Attendance Systems to improve the efficiency of their staff in its hotels and restaurants.

CITCO mentioned even all their 1200 contractual and outsourced employees will receive their salaries based on biometric attendance to counter absenteeism and keep a check on punctuality & discipline.

Source : Times of india

Friday, 20 December 2019

History of Attendance | History and Evolution of Attendance | Star Link ...

Do you know the word we have heard since from the school days till we
reached our office desk has an aged history with it. We are talking
about the word “Attendance”.

We took out some of the interesting evidences and figures to tell you
about the origin of Attendance and its exciting journey till

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Thursday, 12 December 2019


Hello everyone, with this podcast we would like to introduce our latest innovation in the field of mobile attendance management, The Web Time Application

Web time app is a mobile version application of our Leave management Software which enables the users and their reporting managers to get all the latest updates in regards to the Field employees and the service engineers those who are always outside the office for field activities.

On the other hand this application plays a fundamental role for the field workers to mark their attendance from the work field. Which means there is no need of an employee to come to the office to mark the attendance but they can punch it from their mobile phones. Apart from it this application is a replica of our Leave Management Software and enable us to use all the same features through our mobile phones. Web time app supports android and IOS operating system

This application gives Reporting Managers and Admin the powers and surveillance features they desire for to keep an eye on their employees or weather the work force are performing effectively or not.

Some of its smart features are:

  • Complete attendance related information with a single click
  • Daily, weekly & monthly attendance reports
  • Reports like Holiday List, Leave, Gate Pass & Mobile Attendance Management
  • Super user & admin approval/rejection options
  • Updated features like Employee Location Mapping, Geo Tagging & Location Master
  • Leave's status, balance and application can be checked and applied
  • Salary Slips can be viewed

There are many other features still waiting to be explored in the new Web Time App which will be disclosed in our next episode. You can also join our social media pages by the name Star Link India.

Monday, 9 December 2019

Star Link; A Flagship of Uniqueness & Brilliance

Presenting Star Link's latest advancement in the attendance world,

The Web Time App.

Which is a combination of contemporary and state of the art services and features bringing your complete Attendance Management System into your smartphone.

With the latest features like:

  • Web application for smartphones supporting Android and IOS Operating systems
  • Mobile version of Leave Management Software
  • User accessible reports like Holiday List, Leave, Gate Pass & Mobile Attendance Management
  • Mobile Attendance Punch option for field workers and engineers
  • Super User & Admin authorizations for approval/rejections
  • Other latest features like Employee Location Mapping, Geo Tagging, Location Master and many more

Thursday, 5 December 2019

AADHAAR's biometric data to be more secure

A Hyderabad based I.T firm is exchanging dialogues with various Indian state governments to provide biometric masking & management technology solutions for AADHAAR services.

As per the Supreme Court's order to make AADHAAR's biometric data more secure and to bank all the information with some reliable agency to take care off. The governments of Telangana & Uttar Pradesh are already in collaboration with the firm and are using their Subsidy Management System.

News Courtesy: Biometricupdate.com

Monday, 2 December 2019


Never assume “Why Me?”, instead say “Try Me”.

No one is ever made disabled with the outer appearance, but disabilities lies in our mind. Set your mind free and focus on what you believe to achieve and the word” Disability” will remain in the books.

Team Star Link prays & urges everyone to help and support the disabled on the 27th International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

Lets transform DISABILITY into THIS- ABILITY.