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Contactless biometrics has become an essential product for the corporate world and cannot be avoided when it comes to employee safety

The workforces have again stepped into their corporate lives battling against COVID-19 with all their efforts to preserve the growth of the organizations. On the other hand, it is a bitter reality that due to this, the virus transmission graph has also seen an increase. But, practicing the guidelines on how to follow the contactless measures can make you avoid such a situation. So before ending, my question to you is,

Do you care about your employee’s safety?

Do you desire for a safer workplace with healthy employees?

Don’t you want your employees to be safe against COVID-19?

Attendance is the very first job an employee performs in the office & contactless biometrics with temperature detection feature will not only warn the management about a worker’s declining health condition but will also safeguard another employee by not allowing them to enter inside.

In this time, when the employees are participating with their finest professional flair to represent their organizations, put their lives at risk on daily basis while working and meeting so many people. In return, the management should perform every bit for their employee’s welfare and safety. The contactless face reading attendance and access control temperature sensing machine is not just a mere attendance machine but is proving to be a life guarding equipment.


Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Why is the Industrial Model an epitome of biometric perfection and adaptability?


You’re the CEO of the company, and you probably want to improve your attendance management without having to spend a lot of money on biometric machine maintenance, whether you're in the construction or manufacturing industry. It's understandable if you've had enough of non-native biometric dealers' boastful claims. They promise you that their things will endure a long period, which isn't usually the case.

It's a red flag if a merchant makes a promise and then fails to deliver any form of after-sales assistance. We, on the other hand, shall be there for you from the start. Before making any promises, we come to your location and give you a "free live demo," after which you may decide whether or not to buy.

Don’t worry! We know exactly why you’re here? Which is why we have brought you the ultimate solution to your problems, the ‘Industrial Model’. It's a powerful attendance and access control solution that makes it easier to keep track of attendance.

Did you know that, in addition to attendance, Industrial Model may be used for a variety of other purposes? Yes, the model is not only useful in the construction and manufacturing industries, but it can also be utilised for a variety of other tasks. Let's have a look at what those utilities are.

Versatility of Industrial Model

  • Access Control – An access device, a controller, and locks can be used to create an access control system. For effective functioning, the Industrial Model can be utilised as an access device. The nicest part about this model is that it creates an in and out report that keeps track of all entries and exits.

  • Hooter Interface – The hooter interface links to an alarm or hooter that may be used to track attendance using a biometric device. It's a serial port interface that connects to the Industrial Model, allowing this attendance machine to function as an alarm, alerting factory employees when it's time for a break, lunch, or to depart the premises.

  • Guard Tracking Management - The guard tracking can be done using the Industrial Model. These models can be installed at checkpoints throughout the company's perimeter, where guards will have to display their cards before those machines at predetermined intervals. It creates a report after each transaction performed on each machine. The smart card is the best alternative for contactless access control systems and you can easily utilize it.

  • Tea & Coffee Vending Management - Vending machines are put in various firms to offer coffee or tea to their employees, however, they fail to keep track of how much coffee or tea is consumed. But do you know, with the Industrial Model you can limit the usage of Tea and coffee vending machines? Definitely! The industrial model is your all-in-one biometric device. You can also have the machine customized according to your company’s requirements by the device's maker.

We, as the leader of biometric manufacturing, not only claim but also pledge to delivering 24x7 after-sales service to our customers. We design cutting-edge state-of-the-art technologies to meet the needs of our clients. Each of our devices has its own set of characteristics that make it ideal for use with an attendance system. These machines are jam-packed with useful features and have been expertly tuned to last a long time. In a nutshell, clients are urged to choose the finest goods for their business based on their requirements

Tuesday, 8 June 2021

Star Link's Payroll Management Software: Conquers the Problems you face in Managing Payroll


We know how difficult it is for the company's Human Resource Department to keep a record of the payroll of its employees. A tiniest payroll error will cost your company gravely. It plays an important role in safeguarding your company’s reputation. Payroll is an integral part of any organization, corporation, or industry. It entails a time-consuming method for calculating employee salaries and paying taxes.

Payroll Management has always been one of the cumbersome human resource operations. And now due to the outbreak of ‘coronavirus’, companies started to work from home and the payroll process became even more challenging.

These are some of the most common mistakes and issues that businesses encounter while planning, and we'll show you how Payroll Management Software will help you avoid them. Read on.

Missing Payroll Tax Deadline

It's one of the most famous financial blunders that puts your business at risk. Convenient payroll tax payments are critical to the company's credibility. If this problem persists and you're already using old tools to calculate compensation, you should think about switching to a new one. Payroll Management Software is a phenomenal tool that can assist your business in deducting various costs and allowing you to clear an employee's dues at the time of their resignation.

Unable to Maintain fresh Records

Maintaining everyday employee logs is a time-consuming job. And even a minor mistake or a missed day logging employee data will result in a significant loss for the business. Human resource departments often make errors such as mismatching names and related record entries. With its cutting-edge features and several report-generating modes, Payroll Management Software automates and simplifies the operation.

Lack of Strong Back-up

Have you ever asked yourself what would happen if your operating system crashed or your payroll manager quits? How would you fund your workers' salaries? Isn't that terrifying? And, it really is! It often occurs in many organisations. The programme they use to handle their payroll and taxes sometimes stops working, resulting in the loss of all payroll records with no backup. Payroll Management Software ensures that you have a complete record of the company's regular, weekly, and annual reports.

Calculation Errors in Taxes

Calculating taxes becomes complicated due to the fact that the regulations and laws governing various taxes change depending on where you are. If the organisation has several branches in separate countries, measuring each branch's payroll becomes the most inconvenient task of all, so you must adapt to the laws and regulations of taxation in each place. Payroll Management Software ensures that the taxes that arise in the business are calculated correctly and within due time. It is without a doubt the best Human Resources tool available, since it takes care of everything.

Overtime Pay Calculation Error

Manual in-house payroll management may result in all kinds of errors in the creation of financial statements and wrong distribution of the overtime payments. Due to miscalculation you may over pay or under pay your employees that will not only put your company at risk, but it will also cause dissatisfaction and liabilities. The risk lessens when you use a multifaceted payroll management tool called Payroll Management Software. It will keep everything transparent and calculate the overtime money accurately.

Misclassification of Full-time Employees with Freelancers

Full-time workers and freelancers or independent contractors are the two types of employees hired by businesses. The human resource manager's role in payroll management is to determine compensation based on the employee's tenure. If they misclassified full-time workers as freelancers while generating their payments, the corporation will suffer a significant loss. It's an unavoidable mistake when you're using an out-of-date payroll control system. And that is the reason Payroll Management Software was designed – to provide you with a flawless payroll solutions.

Thursday, 27 May 2021




Our #canteen management #software allows you to handle your canteen without having to make contact with someone by using a smart/proximity card. An application like a canteen management #system necessitates concentrated attention and over 25 years of industry experience. We had to make sure the transaction time was minimised when putting the system together.

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Saturday, 8 May 2021

Star Link Communication's Journey (1996-Present)

Star Link Communication's Journey (1996-Present)

We provide service to the nation and worldwide. In this short video, it is shown how our products have progressed in parallel with improved technologies, satisfying over 6,000 consumers.

Know more :

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Tuesday, 6 April 2021

How to Enroll Face / Card Template | Bio Face Reader | STAR LINK INDIA

In this tutorial, we will help you understand how to enroll EM card and a face in the Bio-Face Reader. There will be a few steps, that will work best for you if you follow them simultaneously.

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Friday, 26 March 2021

Let’s all celebrate this Holi not just with colors but with care too.

STAR LINK, celebrating this Holi not just with colors but with care too.

Let this festival of colors be full of joyous and colorful moments in your life. Let’s all celebrate this Holi not just with colors but with care too. Star Link Communication wishes you and your family a very, very happy returns of Holi.

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