Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Employee Self-Service System

Employee Self-Service or ESS is an additional and a very important feature of modern HR Management System. It allows the employees to resolute problems which may require the help of HR personnel. ESS can help employees to solve any HR related or even any other job-related tasks without the involvement of the HR department. However, ESS can be very helpful for certain companies to reduce man-hours and labor cost, it is not suitable for each and every company.
ESS, Employee Self Service is a part of complete Human Resource Management Software and it has certain specific features which make it very handy as a payroll software and much more.

Features of Employee Self Service System

Most ESS frameworks enable employees to change individual data, for example, address, contact data and managing an account data – however, some form of approval might be required. Some ESS Systems additionally enable workers to see booking and finance data. Indeed, even the simplest of the self-service systems enable workers to submit time off requests and allow the employers to manage these requests.
On the off chance that there are any issues that employees are not approved to directly change using ESS, some HRMS enable workers to correspond electronically with the HR office. This enables workers to send messages outside of standard office time, which spares time and effort for the employees and HR personnel.

Benefits of Employee Self Service System

Employees can modify their personal information in case of any changes occurring in their lives, for example, address change etc.It gives Human Resource Professionals less hassle to manage the records of the employees or to make any changes.ESS Payroll Software can help the employers to automatically manage the salary of the employees without the involvement of any manpower.With Employee Self Service payroll software, the management team doesn’t require to interfere with the payroll process as the software keeps track of every activity of the employee and calculates the salary accordingly.As the employees are in control of their own information without the physical presence of an HR representative, they are more likely to prefer this method.
With the successful implementation of biometrics in a large company, the results can be seen immediately with an increase in productivity and efficiency. Management will save a lot of man hour which can be used for more productive work instead of mundane activities like gathering information on a daily basis.

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