Thursday, 12 December 2019


Hello everyone, with this podcast we would like to introduce our latest innovation in the field of mobile attendance management, The Web Time Application

Web time app is a mobile version application of our Leave management Software which enables the users and their reporting managers to get all the latest updates in regards to the Field employees and the service engineers those who are always outside the office for field activities.

On the other hand this application plays a fundamental role for the field workers to mark their attendance from the work field. Which means there is no need of an employee to come to the office to mark the attendance but they can punch it from their mobile phones. Apart from it this application is a replica of our Leave Management Software and enable us to use all the same features through our mobile phones. Web time app supports android and IOS operating system

This application gives Reporting Managers and Admin the powers and surveillance features they desire for to keep an eye on their employees or weather the work force are performing effectively or not.

Some of its smart features are:

  • Complete attendance related information with a single click
  • Daily, weekly & monthly attendance reports
  • Reports like Holiday List, Leave, Gate Pass & Mobile Attendance Management
  • Super user & admin approval/rejection options
  • Updated features like Employee Location Mapping, Geo Tagging & Location Master
  • Leave's status, balance and application can be checked and applied
  • Salary Slips can be viewed

There are many other features still waiting to be explored in the new Web Time App which will be disclosed in our next episode. You can also join our social media pages by the name Star Link India.

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