Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Biometrics Fingerprint - How does a Fingerprint Scanner Work?

In the world of modernization, Biometric fingerprint has become a very vital part of our everyday life. It is the easiest as well as an accurate way for the identification or verification of individuals based on their unique fingerprint. The biometric fingerprint scanner is an automated device used for security authentication as well as recognition. The use of biometric fingerprint is increasing very rapidly in every single day. These are considered as a safer way than pin and passwords to protect things that we value because no one has the same fingerprint as you.

You might have given your fingerprint on paper by pressing your fingers onto an ink pad and then rolling them on a page. The biometric fingerprint scanner also does the same but in a more sophisticated way to control access to buildings and computer system. It comes with a biometric fingerprint attendance system which helps in logging the accurate attendance of the employee and prevents time theft. It scans the lower surface of your finger very efficiently and turns it into a binary code. 

This process seems like photocopying your hand or placing it on a computer scanner. It is impossible to change the algorithm into an image so no one can duplicate your finger. It also ensures that the pattern of ridges and valleys of the current image or the pre-scanned image matches or not. If not then it will automatically deny the access. With the help of biometric fingerprint scanner system, it became very easy to manage the attendance of the employee.

As we know that the fingerprint of every individual is different and unique from others. So we have used this technique in biometric fingerprint attendance system. The biometric fingerprint is a part of physiological biometric but as compared to other physiological biometrics technique like DNA, Iris and retina, it is quite cheaper and it is very easy to install. Now employees don’t have any need to remember long PIN, password and patterns. 

They just have to place their fingers in the biometric fingerprint scanner and here it goes. This process takes less than 5 seconds only and hence it is time efficient too. Both clock in and clock out the time of the worker can be managed by it without any extra effort.

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