Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Why We Need OT Management?

Overtime management can sometimes prove to be a big concern for an organization. Overtime is basically the amount of time the employees work or asked to work on top of their official working hours. Sometimes new employees put extra efforts and stay late in the office to make a mark. The problem is when the communication between management and staff is not clear. Employees aren’t clear about what's expected of them during the off confusion about the overtime and how they will be compensated.
The overtime policies for large enterprises are pretty clear as they have to follow overtime regulation and pay for Now the problem is to track the employees and their working hours precisely. Nearly every big company a fingerprint attendance system to mark the entry and exit time of the employees. With advanced biometric technology, it's not possible for employees to use any kind of proxy to mark attendance or bill extra hours.

Benefits of Overtime Management
As we stated earlier, working more than the expected hours may or may not be by choice and hence it is very important that the company have clear policies regarding overtime. 

★  Employees have clear expectations when they choose to stay at the office after hours.
★  Employees can be divided into classes as per their hierarchy and compensated for their overtime work accordingly.
★  Keep the company safe from any legal trouble for not paying the employees for extra work.

You might think that overtime is just employees giving their all or managers getting the best from the employees. But this can be a problem if not managed properly. Considering, a company has a total of 50 employees working 40 hours a week, if 20 of them work 3-4 hours overtime each week for a year, it will add up to 20*4*5*52= 20,800 hours. That’s 20,000 billable need to be managed properly both legally and financially.
With Starlink India’s Access control system, you can manage your employee's overtime easily and efficiently. The biometric system prevents any kind of foul play and automatically analyze the data. The working and overtime hours of employees will be logged with fingerprint attendance system. This will make life easier for management as well as the employees.

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