Thursday, 24 October 2019



Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has zeroed in on a ‘technological solution’ that would allow it to provide fare concession to students and senior citizens.

The smart card will then be linked with the individual user, which is likely to be done through a biometric system, To support biometric-based smart cards, DMRC will install a biometric-based ticketing system, which will be integrated with the existing automatic fare collection (AFC) gates at metro stations. The devices would have biometric scanners for capturing the passenger’s biometric information.

Source: The Times of India

GPS Enable Biometric Attendance System

Employee safety is the first priority of any organization where employees work in night shifts or till late hours. Many companies provide cab facility to ensure that employees don’t suffer because of the odd working hours. But, there are a lot of concerns associated with it such as how to know if they reached home safely, what if the cab breaks down in between, etc.
GPS or Global Positioning System is a system that helps us locate an object. Star Link provides a unique GPS enabled system that can be attached with literally everything, children, cab, adults, you name it.
The best part about GPS enabled system is they also act as a time attendance software. Employees can mark their attendance in the machine.
It’s for Everyone
GPS enabled system is not just for employees, even schools, colleges, and other institutions that provide cab facility to students can use GPS enabled systems from Star Link to track the live location of the vehicle and boarding/de-boarding location of each and every student or employee (teachers).
Additionally, you can also track wait duration at a certain point and can update the status to the employees waiting in the next stop. For example, if the vehicle broke down after picking 3 employees, you can inform the 4th one that the cab will be late and they can wait inside their home instead of waiting at the nodal point.
All the GPS enabled systems come with an in-built battery and wireless connection option, allowing users to use it on the go. It can be fixed in movable vehicles or you can even keep the device in your child’s pocket to keep an eye on his movement.
The primary aim of the GPS enabled biometric attendance system is to mark employees’ attendance while ensuring their safety.
You can provide one device to each of your employees, so you know when they were in the office and when they were not. Ask them to keep it on only during office hours, so they won’t feel like their privacy is being compromised.

Bottom Line
With an increase in proxy punching, it’s time for organizations to move towards GPS enabled biometric attendance system. It prevents buddy punching while ensuring their safety at the same time.
Star Link is the leading manufacturer of time attendance software and biometric systems. Contact us now to get the latest price for our products.

Saturday, 19 October 2019

Star Link: adorning earth's beauty

The next generation awaits a blooming legacy from us. Come and join our hands together to reduce paper wastage from today. Replace manual attendance to biometric attendance machines and contribute your part in saving paper.

4 billion trees cut every year

35% of the total trees used

Millions of papers wasted

– Ecosystem is creaking

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Thursday, 17 October 2019

NEWS - South Western Railway

To wipe out touts and to ensure seats to genuine #passengers#South_Western_Railways will introduce biometric system for passengers traveling in unreserved coaches on long distance trains in 3 months.
Passengers #traveling in unreserved coaches will have to get their #fingerprints_scanned at the #biometric_machines placed at the platforms of the stations. These machines will issue tokens to the passengers 3 hours prior the train leaves the station. Accordingly passengers can board the train as per their token number.

Thursday, 10 October 2019



A facial recognition system has been installed at New York's John F. Kennedy Airport by the company Vision-Box in collaboration with Terminal Group One Association (TOGA) and U.S Customs & Border Protection (CBP) to provide seamless boarding for high volume of passengers.

With a frequency to validate as many as 500 passengers in 20 minutes or less, airport has replaced passport and boarding pass checks with face recognition system.

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Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Star Link; achieving success with every step.

Star Link; achieving success with every step.

Star Link's first step towards its odyssey for Telecom world was taken at
1996 when we came forward with the first ever Conference Calling
Equipment in India. Glory was further added when it was
acknowledged and approved by the Telecom Department Of India
in 1998.

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