Monday, 25 March 2019

Bio Face Reader is in-house designed and developed attendance machine

The face reader is designed and developed by star link. The metallic body of this Face Reader is great feature for industrial environment where there is dust all round and high temperature.
The face matching overall performance and pace is at par if compared with different products in enterprise. The communication is feasible between the system and the existing software program. Also it can be incorporated with some other software like ERP, SAP, HRMS and so on.

Thursday, 14 March 2019


It's far common for places of work, factories, call centres, Hostels, colleges, Clubs and Hospitals to function their very own canteens for their employees and college students. But, managing the canteen menu, attendance and intake is a hard process. Manual and paper based tactics are bulky and errors-susceptible, leading to inaccuracies and wastage of time and material. A canteen management system is essential for retaining tune of meals intake.

Canteen management

Monday, 11 March 2019

From Innovation To Inevitability

Biometrics is a term that is used to refer to the different measurements and calculations of the human body. It is often sued in the Information Technology fields as a form of identification as well as access control. The measurements are stored in a matrix form and are considered to be irreversible and unique. This is one of the reasons why biometrics plays a critical role in the modern world. The inception of biometrics started in the 1980s when fingerprints were used to identify criminals. Since then, technological advancements have helped biometrics become an important aspect of lives all over the world. In fact, biometrics has made it possible to use different parts of the human body like palm vein, finger vein, iris scan, facial recognition, voice recognition, brain waves and so on to be sued for identifying a particular person.

Different Applications Of Biometrics In Everyday Lives

Let’s take a look at how biometrics has become a part of your everyday life:
  • Security
Biometric identification and authentication have made it possible to introduce an extra level for security to your life. In fact, the latest smartphones have started unveiling features like iris scan, voice recognition and facial recognition to help users keep track of their security. People have started realizing the importance of their data and refer to protect its biometric measures rather than relying solely on pins and passwords.
  • Financial Services
The financial world has started using biometric technology to help account holders to go ahead with transactions, loan applications, and other services even if they do not remember their account number. This system will help prevent fraudsters and scammers from tricking people into revealing their passwords or pins.
  • Architecture
Biometric technology has made it possible for architects to understand how long people focus on the different parts of a building and which parts tend to attract more attention. In fact, this system can be integrated with brainwave scanning to get the exact emotion of the person seeing the design.
  • Behaviometrics
This critical aspect of biometric technology is used by high-security facilities all over the world to restrict the handling of data and classified information. This added security measure plays an important role in preventing classified information from being misused or misinterpreted.

Latest Innovations In Biometrics Authentications

Biometrics is a fast evolving field with new innovations popping up almost every day. Here are a few of the latest ones:
  • Fingerprinting Kit By MasterCard
This kit enables the customers to register their fingerprint onto a biometric card without visiting a bank. This helps streamline the enrollment process and help authenticate card users faster.
  • iPhone’s Face ID
This is the latest offering from the Apple, bypassing the requirement for the fingerprint sensor. This is believed to change the way all kinds of transactions will be handled over the smartphone soon.
  • Finger Vein Scanners
Schools in Denmark are currently testing out a new system which allows students and staff to make purchases at the school cafeteria with the help of finger vein scanners. This eliminates the requirement of any physical payment instrument. In fact, finger vein scanners are considered to be more secure than fingerprint authentication systems.

Future Of Biometric Technology

The astonishing growth in biometric technology is proof that it will become an integral part of every field in the near future. In fact, experts in the industry expect biometrics to be a major part of the healthcare industry in the coming years. Some of the new innovation you can look forward to in the future include odor recognition, heartbeat measurement, sweat recognition and so on. At the end of the day, it won’t be surprising to see biometrics replace all forms of security measures in the near future.