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Visitor Management System | Needs

Visitor Management Software maintains the record of the visitor with their belonging, contact details, and photograph. It also keeps the record of meeting with the employee and visitor.


Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Intra Modal Biometric Fusion: Improvement in Biometric Search Performance

One of the advanaced inventions of science is a use of biometric to establish the identity of an individual based on its physical, chemical or behavioural attributes. Biometrics provides a solution to ease the identity management for any organisation to keep the records of personnel. There are two schemes such as automated and semi-automated to identify individuals based on their biological characteristics. There are various biometric technologies which have been proposed and implemented too, such as voice, face, signature, hand geometry, retina and fingerprint scanner.
Whereas Intra modal biometric fusion is another advance addition to this convenient invention to improve the biometric search performance.

Here are some factors where improvement led to attain the effective result.
1. Growing use of multiple algorithms
A recent improvement in biometrics is the growing use of multiple algorithms which works within the same modality to conduct the search. It can be utilized as using the various algorithms from different vendors in the same search which will help to generate strength from each to compensate the weaknesses of others. The data growth can make search result more complex which result in a false match. This help in authenticating the data with an absolute result. Using different algorithm can deliver a more authentic result. Some biometric search algorithms see the match and other see non-match, it all depends on using different algorithms by the organization. Facial biometrics need more authentic algorithms to detect the high-quality image.
2. Statistical nature of biometrics
One of the important improvements, the statistical nature of biometric plays a crucial role to bring out the authentic static. Identifying a candidate needs to compare personal characteristics of a person with the database. The biometric system brings out the result in numeric and each individual's result is unique in this. An authentic result is important, the different biometric system has a different fingerprint scanner to compare the results from the collected database. For the huge database, statistical nature of a biometric plays a critical role to obtain the actual result and it's getting tougher when a database exceeds from a particular number such as data is reaching out to millions. Intra Modal biometric fusion makes it easy to deliver the authentic result.
3. Biometric matching algorithm
Biometric matching algorithms enable the techniques to compare the result samples. A biometric search system applies different algorithms to use the machine as exactly what our brains do. The intra modal biometric fusion has been successfully solving this problem and delivering the processed imagery. The classification and comparison can only be possible with correct-designated algorithms that can handle features and conditions effectively and appropriately. There is only 1 in a million candidates' database which occurs as a false match and it can equally be possible as there is no any biometric which delivers an absolutely authentic result. Though, intramodal biometric fusion has the capacity to deliver the best possible result with the maximum right match.
In order to deliver the better result with efficiency and effectiveness, technology has been continuously devoting its part and the intramodal fusion biometric is definitely a boon for any organization.
With a variety of biometric devices like access control, fingerprint devices, Starlink India is the biggest vendor of biometric attendance system and also the leading biometric devices manufacturer and supplier, incorporating the latest technologies into the devices according to the requirement of the clients
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Top 5 Benefits to Go with Local Manufacturers | Indian Manufacturer | ST...

Why should local manufacturer prefer over dealers?

We need to understand more about local manufacturers: what they do, their value proposition, how they interact with customers, what rules they have regarding direct customer relationships?


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Guard Tracking System | Biometric Solution | Star Link

Guard Tracking System is designed to monitor the guards by their biometric activities.

Monday, 11 December 2017

Time Attendance Machine | Biometrics Access Control System | Attendance ...

Industrial Model is manufactured with heavy metallic body for dusty and harsh environments.

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Biometric Attendance Security | Fingerprint Attendance | Star Classic M...

Classic Model is exquisitely made to serve your purpose of attendance system and access control.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Why We Need Guard Tracking System ? | Guard Patrolling | Star Link

Star Link has designed a solution named Guard Tracking System to track the patrolling activity of the guards.

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Problems Faced During Payroll Processing || Payroll Software || Star Link

Payroll Software is the unique software developed to manage the salary of employees. It also manages the increment in due time, and additionally it can also calculate different deductions or additions like ESI, PF, TDS, TAX, Loan Advance, Arrears, Gratuity and Bonus. In fact, this software also helps in ‘Dues Clearance’ at the time of resignation of any employee.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

The Lesser Known Biometrics That Will Surely Surprise You

In the not so distant past the only place we ever got to see biometrics was when they graced the big screen. Gadgets of these sorts were limited to huge sci-fi movies with larger than life James Bondesque characters that used such advanced technology to break into high security places. Finger access, Iris access and many other form of biometric were nothing short of magical devices that one couldn't think of coming across in regular walks of life.

The story today of course is very different, biometrics of all sort are found everywhere be it residential places or commercial. Biometric verification is the one of most used form of security system as they are far safer and reliable than any system. They uniquely identify and distinguish the biological traits of an individual to correctly recognize them and authenticate or restrict access depending on whether or not the traits match. Those unique traits can range from fingerprint pattern to retina but there are some very unique biometric authentication methods that are under development. 

Below is a list of few such unusual biometric authentication methods:

  • Butt: We are not making this up! Your posterior has more uses than you can care to know about. A team of researchers have come up with a unique technology for a prototype of a car that can identify the driver by reading the pattern in which they sit. This assures that only you can drive the car and everything in the car including the mirrors and all are adjusted to your liking
  • Heart: Yes, you read it right. There is a device that uses your heart beat to recognize you. The Nymi is a wrist band that is in development, which takes an electrocardiogram also known as ECG measuring the electrical signal generated by your heart's activity. It then based upon this reading authenticates your identity. Nymi can be used to unlock other devices in use by you such as smart phones or laptop.
  • Ear: Surprise! Surprise! Many of you would not know that the shape of your ear is as distinguishing as your fingerprint. The two ears that each individual has are also different from each other. This unique method of identification is used by Startup Descartes Biometrics that has come up with an app that identifies users based on the way they press their phones to their ear. The technology is still in development stages.

Monday, 13 November 2017

Biometric Attendance System with Battery Back Up | Bio STAR | STAR LINK

With the advent of time, technology has taken a new shape in Biometric technology. Things are changing very rapidly and to meet the demand of the market, we need to upgrade our system at par with the same pace. Star Link has always shaped their biometrics technology as per the demand and requirement of the market.

Installing Bio STAR with Battery back-up will certainly serve the purpose even in constant power failure keeping all the security and safety factors intact. So, you can choose this device for every work-space where there is a low power supply. Read More.

Watch Full Video for Biometric Attendance System with Battery Back Up

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Future of Biometrics in Banking & Financial Services

The financial sector is in the process of change by the new forms of communication available in the market. Trends like fingerprint scanner are gaining increasing strength in the financial landscape, causing banks to bet on the integration of all possible channels of communication to satisfy the demands of the client. The authentication of the client and the protection of their identity are one of the most current issues in the banking sector. Faced with security challenges, banks and financial organizations are increasingly considering the incorporation of biometric technology in their platforms.

Biometrics is based on unique physical characteristics (heart rate, blood characteristics such as pressure, protein level, cholesterol, among other traits) and behavioral characteristics. Historically, fingerprint recognition has been the preferred choice in the financial sector.

Over time, the biometric security system is likely to replace personal identification numbers (PINs) for ATM security and other scenarios. This change in the market is occurring faster than initially anticipated, with global biometric bank banking revenue expectations of up to $ 4 billion by 2021.

The wide adoption of mobile equipment with integrated biometric system allows the evolution of biometrics in the banking industry. More and more smartphones and tablets are equipped with biometric scanners for the authentication process inside a mobile banking platform. To cite one example, credit card customers can authenticate payments online by scanning their fingerprints or by a selfie. In this way, users are already prepared for biometric authentication in mobile banking and ATMs.

In relation to Online Banking, there is a greater use of biometric devices to capture Unique Identities at the beginning of the contact. Based on national identity programs, banks use identity credentials extracted from identity cards to provide strong authentication for client transactions. Also, facial biometrics is another tool that allows the digitization of financial activities. Through it, users can verify their identity and conduct banking transactions online. It is a solution that is easy to implement and use, both for the bank and for the mobile banking user, enabling the client to have secure access to the system from a computer or smartphone or with a video camera.

The adoption of mobile banking is booming in the country, while fingerprint biometric at ATMs is still in an incipient stage.

Banks are digitizing their operations gradually and responding to the needs of users, who benefit from not having to memorize countless passwords to be able to carry out banking transactions.

The biometric solutions represent, then, a turning point for the security of the banks. In the finance industry, implementing biometric authentication methods is critical to building trust in customers and raising the level of protection in banking transactions. The adoption of biometric technology by banks enhances the end user experience and helps to resist fraud and identity abuse.

Star Link Communication Pvt. Ltd. Is a reputed company working in the field of Biometric Access Control System, The renowned firm provides cost-effective solutions for a Biometric control system that is highly efficient.
                Hire them for best services!

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Monday, 18 September 2017

Why Biometric Technology Is Still Not the Absolute Replacement for Passwords

A good security token is the one that distinctively corresponds to you and which nobody could know, guess or copy. This is the reason why security experts suggest us to use long and random passwords for our safety. However, it is not as easy as it sounds because it gets hard to memorize strong and unique passwords.

Biometric technology as we know right now is the hot favorite technique of securing any place. It had to happen counting it is such a trouble free way of security than that of passwords we have to remember. In biometrics, our finger or thumb impressions not only make our job easier but also are unique by nature.

Also, biometric technology removed the trouble of hacking considering it is not a cakewalk for someone to hack your fingerprints than cracking the pass code. Following the best security practices, setting strong passwords for separate devices and then memorizing the same every time is not an easy thing as compared to biometrics.

So, if a biometric system seems so better in every department, why is there a need for amelioration? Why still the technology is not the astute replacement for the pesky passwords?

First and foremost, it is a certain fact that biometrics will play an important part in future validation. But we need to understand that the system is not a cure for everything at the present moment. There are still many issues that prevail which need to be taken care of in order to make the technology thoroughly invulnerable.

A lot of researchers in the world have stated that it is not exactly true that biometrics cannot be rehashed as they tried on fooling fingerprint readers and successfully got past the digital scanners via some special pair of glasses. More to it, the biometrics that were instigated initially keep all the data stored on server rather than restricting it to the client so breaching the security system isn't impossible in this case scenario.

Last year it was reported that in a United States Office of Human Resource Management, touch ID's of millions of government employees were stolen which first raised the suspicion on the tech. Immediately ascertaining the threat, the mobile companies quickly altered the fingerprint system in the devices by adding a password security succeeding the touch ID.

This data breach made it clear that biometrics is not impeccable. In fact they have simply shunned the passwords. Counting it can get very problematic if someone cannot log in with his or her touch ID, all the software companies ranging from Microsoft's Windows 10 and Google's Android have provided password tool as well to ensure this does not happen.

So, relying on biometric authentication is not recommended at the current time as having a backup in the form of passwords is very important. This process is called multi factor authentication (MFA) where we can put biometric as one of the two-way security procedure, while passwords the other.

Biometrics are indeed a fantastic method of verification but the tech is not yet a completely error proof. So, it should not be taken as an outright replacement for passwords but instead must be implemented along with it for enhanced protection.

Starlink is an Indian-based manufacturer and exporter of the biometric security system including employee access, access control systems and atm security system which provides a top level security system with protection against atm theft.

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Star Canteen Management System | Web Based |Star Link

 Canteen Management System is a facility management system, in which an electronic device is connected to a software, that automates work like maintenance of employee records and generating of reports. A growing number of companies that provide dining facilities have started using canteen management systems for multiple reasons.

Whether a company decides to use a canteen management system or not is a matter of advantages outweighing the disadvantages or vice versa, but CMSs replacing manual work in an increasing number of canteens across the world represents a paradigm shift in business process. Read More...

Watch full Video of Canteen Management Systems 

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Global Fingerprint Scanner Market 2016-2021

Biometric technology, as we know it is an automated method of determining a person's identity based on their behavioral or physiological traits. Among the most widely measured human characteristics are fingerprint, Iris, vein, voice, hand, face, and gait. And among these mostly used categories, the modality that dominates the biometric market is fingerprint scanning.

Owing to their above-average accuracy and relatively lower implementation costs, fingerprint scanners are used throughout the world in an array of devices including healthcare, defense, consumer goods, etc.

However, there are certain limitations we face while implementing fingerprint scanners. This is mainly due to the cultural barriers. In fact, it's one of the most major factors triggering the downfall of fingerprint market. Also contributing to the fact is the lack of any global standardization in its implementation.

The fingerprint Lock Market 2016-2021 would help you better understand the present scenario and future growth prospects. This in-depth, professional research report covers the fingerprint industry analysis, size, growth, trends and forecasts for the period between 2016 and 2021.

In this article, I'm just providing you with a brief overview to help you understand the market segmentation and applications. With the information that follows, you'd be able to better evaluate your position in your industry and would be able to foresee probable opportunities and threats. This would help you make informed decisions and strengthen your position within the industry.

Let's go through the evaluation offered in the report:

Fingerprint Lock Market: Top Manufacturers
- Stanley Black and Decker
- Marsalock
- Dorma+Kaba Group
- Anviz
- Samsung Digital Door
- KEYU Intelligence
- Tenon, and
- Westinghouse

Fingerprint Lock Market: Product Types
- Cosmetic Grade
- Pharmaceutical Grade, and
- Food Grade

Fingerprint Lock Market: Applications
- Medical Hygiene
- Cosmetic
- Health Products, and
- Plastic Surgery

Fingerprint Lock Market: Raw Material Analysis:
- Price trend of key raw materials required
- Suppliers of such raw materials
- Key raw materials, and
- Market concentration rate of these raw materials

Fingerprint Lock Market: Industrial Chain, Strategy:
- Fingerprint industrial chain analysis
- Upstream material sourcing
- Major manufacturers, and
- Downstream buyers

Marketing Channel:
- Direct marketing
- Indirect marketing, and
- Marketing development trend

Marketing Positioning:
- Pricing and branding strategy
- Target Clients

Market Effect Analysis:
- Technology Risks: Substitute threat and industry progress
- Customer needs
- Political/Environmental/Economic changes

You can buy the complete report at Absolute Reports. You can buy the complete report at Absolute Reports. It would you clear insights into the present industry scenario and future scope and developments. A lot of effort went into the report by a proficient team of experts and analysts. Brimming with qualitative analyses, tables, and graphs, the fingerprint lock market report is an invaluable intelligence repository for all the firms dealing in fingerprint biometrics.

Solving the problems related to employee attendance, Starlink India provides reliable fingerprint attendance systems for automated attendance management and provides a highly advanced range of biometric time and fingerprint attendance software.

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What is the need of Canteen Management System ? | STAR LINK

Star Canteen Management System

Manage the dining facility and it explains the importance of canteen management.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Visitor Management System - Online Demo - Star Link


Software manages the #Entry and #Exit of #Visitor and keep their record.

Friday, 25 August 2017

Canteen Management Software - Window Based- Online Demo- Star Link


It helps to manage the #records of canteen and generate multiple types of #reports.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Biometric Adoption Across Automotives

According to Technavio's market research predictions, the global biometric market is all set to grow in the automotive sector. It is expected to grow tremendously at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 19.27% during the period of 2017-2021. Based on an in-depth market analysis, the industry experts prepared the report, Global Biometric Market in the Automotive Sector 2017-2021, which covers the landscape and growth prospects that would most likely shape the coming years.
Both the manual keys and electronic keyless entry system possessed certain loopholes that left the vehicles vulnerable to theft. The existing vulnerabilities drove the growth of biometrics in the sector and biometric vehicle access system is going to see a significant rise over the next few years. Owing to the economic slowdown, the past few years saw a transitory demand for automobiles in the developed countries. The emerging markets however witnessed a massive growth due to elevated buying power of the consumers and strong economic growth. Especially in the BRIC countries, i.e. Brazil, Russia, India and China, trade practices have been vigorous and several OEMS entered the market to tap the potential.
Major Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and keyless entry system manufacturers are expected to invest in advanced automotive biometrics for vehicle access. Another factor triggering its growth is the need for user-friendly infotainment systems. Growing customer demands for smart innovations are also driving the growth of global automotive biometric systems. Biometric voice systems can be used to fix car problems associated with infotainment systems, i.e. navigation functions, communication and vehicle audio thereby facilitating better user interaction with the vehicle system. Smartphone enabled biometric recognition would also help in vehicle access and ignition.
Geographical Segmentation:
  • America
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA)
By the end of 2015, EMEA had close to 51% of the total market share. It's expected to grow and lead other regions and become the major revenue contributor in the coming years. Further, the presence of global automobile giants such as Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW and Volkswagen makes it one of the largest markets for biometric vehicle access system.
The report identifies the market's prominent biometric vendors as:
  • BioEnable
  • Techshino
  • Nymi
  • Miaxis
  • Synaptics
  • Sonovation
  • EyeLock
  • Nuance
The automotive biometric market is still bursting out and smooth adoption of biometrics is not as facile as it seems. In a cost-sensitive industry that requires high quality and is characterized by the presence of a large amount of biometric manufacturers, the prominent vendors are looking for ways to provide a more personalized experience resulting in an increased demand for biometric access systems.
Starlink India Pvt Ltd is a leader in providing solutions related to Biometric Technology. To know more, visit
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How Has Biometirc Transformed Our Lives?

There is a dependably question of security whether it is your office, open place or any private areas. In a decade ago of time we have seen such a large number of fear monger assaults on common and private divisions. 9/11 assaults on America and assaults in inns in India are the perfect case for this. SO there is dependably question of hitter security at delicate passageway. So here my point is that the present security innovation and strategies don't work any longer.

What's more, there is no end purpose of these sorts of assaults and we can state that they are UN stoppable. The association related with this sort of assaults is additionally refreshing their innovation. So we need to enhance and venerate the innovation that gives best battle and can be utilized to stop. We require hitter innovation and gadgets to battle against these sorts of psychological oppressor exercises and we as a whole realize that precautionary measure is superior to cure. So here we will discuss the innovation which called biometric technology and the gadgets or biometric devices which can and are being incorporated by companies to enhance security measures on the large scale.

The working of this relies upon the portion of the physiological and behavioral qualities of the human body. Physiological traits like fingerprints, eye retina, DNA and behavioral characteristics like keystroke, mark and voice. With regards to security, it utilizes above ascribes to give you greatest recognizable proof of any identity.

We can utilize the biometric security as a confirmation of specific identity to your touchy passageway. It stores these characteristic and when another person tries to get to the framework then it filters its focal database and afterward check whether it locate any appropriate matches or not. In the event that it discovers coordinate it permits to get to the framework else it begins alert as per your predefined setting.

Entryways with biometric get to control

We know about entryway get to control framework which utilizes physical log card to access of specific spots. With utilization of this innovation you can control the entrance of specific passageway in your premises. So with this innovation, you can utilize eye retina as a get to control of specific identity at your delicate entryways. You can likewise utilize fingerprints, voice, and different properties adversary confirmation instead of eye retina.

Face acknowledgment framework

This is exceptionally prevalent and you will likewise discover in a portion of the tablets with inbuilt face recognizable proof procedure to get to the PC. This is a piece of biometric innovation.

Security in broad daylight parts

There is a dependably question of security at open areas and for the most part this sort of exercises additionally occur out in the open divisions like lodgings, eateries, shopping centers and schools. So on the off chance that we can incorporate this innovation and biometric gadgets to this division we can make one stride ahead to battle against this sort of psychological oppressor exercises.

So along these lines we have seen that it conveys preferable level of security over other innovation and there is no need of additional framework or more cost to receive with current working framework.

Starlink India is a leading name in the field of biometric technology and manufacturing a wide range of biometric solutions such as time attendance machine, fingerprint attendance system, access control systems etc

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STAR Payroll Software - Policy Set Up - Online Demo - Star LInk

This video shows the online demo of payroll software. This part shows the process of Salary set-up, PF set up and other set-ups.

Payroll software helps to process salary of the employees which includes EPF deductions, TDS deductions, ESI deductions and other parameters. You can also generate salary slip of every employee.

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Smart Phone is a Key of Access Control - Bluetooth Technology - NFC - ST...


#Access_Control by #Smart_Phone using Bluetooth and #NFC (Near Field Communication)

Friday, 14 July 2017

Biometric Attendance and Access Control System | Machine | Devices | Bio...


#Biometric_Attendance and #Access Control

Device #runs on #multiple_operational_modes of #Fingerprint , #Card and #PIN

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Leave Management System - Admin - Star Link - Online Demo

#Leave_Management_Software- #ADMIN
Online #DEMO
Software helps to #manage the #leave of the employees.

Leave Management System - User - Star Link - Online Demo

#Leave_Management_Software- #USER

Online #DEMO

Software helps to #manage the #leave of the employees.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Biometric Attendance and Access Control System | Machine | Devices | Bio...

#Biometric #Attendance and #Access Control


It helps in capturing #Attendance of #Employees.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Is Biometric Technology the Key to a Bright Future?

With so many terrorist attacks which have kept the safety of the people at stake, the question of the security of the people has become of a great concern. Whether it is your office, open place or any other private segments one does not feel completely safe.
So we need to enhance the innovative technology that gives us the best battle and can be utilised to stop all that concerns the safety of the citizens. We require better execution of the innovation and gadgets to battle against these sorts of fear based oppressor exercises and us as a whole realise that safety measure is much more superior to cure. So here we will discuss the biometric technology and the gadgets or devices which it can coordinate with to enhance the security of premises as well as of the people.

The working of the biometric industry is very simple yet very unique. This is the main reason why so many people are deciding to take up the security services for the betterment of the people and to ensure the efficient working and the establishment of a proper working environment as expected by all the employees.
It depends on the physiological and behavioural characteristic of the human body. We can utilise this framework as a verification of the specific identity of any person by his sensitive entrance. It stores these characteristics and when the other person tries to get through the framework then it filters its focal database. Further, the system checks whether it locates any appropriate matches amongst the stored ones or not. In the event that it discovers a similar characteristic, it will coordinate and will also permit to get to the framework. If the system fails to identify, a caution window will be displayed which shall be indicated by the predefined system of setting.

Along with the above-stated working, the biometric security is known to utilise all the registered characteristics of the individuals. It acts as a watch guard for all the employees of any firm or organisation. The system ensures a high level of security of the working employees.
There is a common query of security mostly prevailing in the open areas which have more of the public gatherings. By and large the issues related to personalization and security additionally happen in broad daylight divisions like inns, hotels, shopping centres and schools. So in these kinds of places and events, we can coordinate the biometric security and biometric gadgets.
The shortcomings of the currently prevailing technology and methods are some of the major drawbacks which cannot be avoided. Because of all this, the biometric technology is being hired which is not only covering all the shortcomings and drawbacks of the traditionally available security systems but is also ensuring a greater security space to all the members of an organisation.

Most houses and work environments are known to utilise biometric innovation to ensure the safety of the most valuable items. In the future which is believed to be highly technological and specialised, things like the biometric technology will only tend to stay.
Star Link India is the leading biometrics manufacturer in India proffering top-notch services to numerous clients worldwide. If interested about their products and softwares, kindly contact their website StarLinkIndia.

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Star Link- Bio LYNX - Introduction

#Biometric #Attendance System and #Access Control



#How #Bio_Lynx works?

Sunday, 9 July 2017

How to connect Bio Lynx with Wi-Fi

#Biometric #Attendance and #Access control System


#How to #connect Bio Lynx with #Wi_Fi.

Friday, 7 July 2017

STAR Web Data Capture - Online Demo - Server Mode

#Biometric_Attendance and #Access control


#How to #capture data from #machine in #Server mode.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Global Biometric System Market Promises Growth Opportunities

The days of username and password combinations are coming to an end as next-generation authentication mechanisms come of age. Faced with having to remember old-style credentials for an ever-wider range of applications, most users have resorted to insecure password management practices such as writing down credentials. This is especially the case when using complex passwords or reusing the same credentials for multiple applications.

Acceptance of Biometrics Is Growing
One form of next-generation authentication, now coming into its own, is biometrics. According to a recent Accenture survey of 24,000 consumers worldwide, 60 percent said usernames and passwords are too cumbersome to use, and 77 percent said they would be interested in an alternative mode of authentication. When it comes to biometrics, 58 percent stated they would be interested in using them.

According to that report, a driving force for the growth of biometric system technologies has been the deficiency in data protection and security backward practices, such as passwords and PI codes. Add to that the ever-present threats to security, such as terrorist attacks and aircraft hijackings, have strengthened claims for a more robust global security solution.
A trend has developed with government projects for the implementation of electronic passports, driver's licenses, border management and national identification initiatives in many of the world's largest nations including India, Mexico and Russia.

Biometric Sensors Are Being Built into a Wide Range of Devices
According to an RSA white paper, the future of authentication is about providing a choice for users and the need for secure authentication that facilitates user compliance with security policies. Biometric technologies have come a long way from their original reputation of being inconvenient and expensive to deploy. This is changing as cost-effective biometric sensors are built into the current generation of mobile devices, including in cameras and speakers, making them much more convenient for users.

The latest biometric machine, including the newest generation of smartphones, provide security at the hardware level, while biometric information is validated separately from the core operating system. This enhances security because core operating systems are susceptible to malware. As more wearables and the Internet things come into everyday use, biometric identifiers are expected to be embedded into a much wider range of devices.

Biometrics Hold Promise for Secure Payments
One area in which biometric technology identification holds considerable promise is in making financial payments more secure. According to Biometric Update, voice and facial recognition will greatly help combat fraud that results from lost or stolen credit cards or from data stolen during transactions. Already, biometric identification system has become a mature technology direction of development with many successfully implemented projects worldwide. In connection with this analysis of both general trends and prospects, as well as detailed information about the dynamics of the key segments of the cross-sectional industries and application areas, it seems urgent.

The global market for biometric authentication solutions has entered a phase of active innovation and the intensification of the use of both the government, law enforcement, law enforcement and defense agencies, and in the commercial segment, rapidly integrating into the banking sector, retail, mobile applications, Internet of Things, health, education and so on.

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Biometrics Attendance System | Access Control | Fingerprint | Bio Track

#Biometric #Attendance and #Access Control


It runs on communication modes like #GRPS, #Wifi or #LAN.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Problems Faced During Payroll Processing || Payroll Software || Star Link


Software manages the salary of employees.

#How to #caluculate the #salary of employees?

Sunday, 2 July 2017

How to connect Bio Lynx with Wi-Fi

#Biometrics_Attendance and #Access_Control_System

#How to connect #Bio_Lynx with wifi??

Friday, 30 June 2017

Tea Garden Solution || A Biometric Solution || Workforce Management || S...



It stores the #attendance of employees #location wise and #work wise.

UK and Its Affinity For Biometric Banking

From selfies to fingerprint scanning to iris recognition to vein scanning, banks and financial institutions around the world are pushing ahead with biometric authentication. This is done solely with the view to ameliorate the risk of data theft, prevent fraudulence and enhance customer service.

Despite such apparent efforts from banking institutions, major proportions of customers either feel reluctant to trust in this relatively new form of security or do not understand it at all.

A report by HSBC revealed how less than 46% of more than 12,000 respondents in 11 countries did not trust the biometric technology and were not willing to use them in place of their run of the mill pins and passwords.

However, a survey commissioned by Equifax demonstrated how 56% of their respondents preferred the use of biometric authentication in banks to sign into their online banking accounts over the currently used usernames and passwords.

They said survey also reported the respondents’ affinity towards uncommon authentication methods besides the regular fingerprint scanning.

The people in the United Kingdom were keener than anywhere in the rest of the world when it came to embracing biometric security. They are equally open to replacing their passwords, not just with fingerprint scanning but iris recognition as well.

Key findings from the report
  • Fingerprint authentication is the most preferred way to authenticate into bank accounts. One out of every 3 customers mentioned how they’d prefer biometric technology like Apple’s Touch ID.
  • With a 14% margin, customers preferring fingerprint authentication (33%) outnumbered those choosing regular passwords (19%).
  • Only 13% of respondents selected memorable questions as an additional layer of security above passwords.
  • A major chunk of bank customers lacked access to fingerprint scanning.
  • 64% of them were not able to avail the biometric facility.
  • A large number of banks supporting the technology supported only the iOS.
  • The top three mobile wallet providers are Android Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, and all of them seamlessly support fingerprint scanning and for POS and online transactions.
  • More and more banks are in direct competition with mobile wallet providers. 

Data breaches and hacking scandals are making a lot of headlines lately. Following the ransomware WannaCry, concerns over security have escalated swiftly and more and more people are losing trust in protection mere passwords can offer.

To better address the disparity between biometric security and its availability, and recognize the strong customer interest, security-minded banking institutions would roll out biometric authentication technology especially fingerprint scanning, this year.

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