Thursday, 28 November 2019

NEWS : The Indira Gandhi International Airport

By the end of the year 2020, The Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi will deliver a complete paperless experience to their guests.
As a part of the government's Digi – Yatra scheme, The Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI) will install biometric face recognition system for domestic passenger's flight boarding at terminal 3.
CEO of DIAL informed that this pilot project will start for the outbound domestic passengers for a domestic airlines which will be then extended to all the domestic flights at T3.
Source: Times of India

Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Face Recognition – No Effort Key

Explaining the fact how face symmetries has unlocked our world for Biometric Attendance, Access Control Security and Surveillance.


In the world of Identification & Authentication through Fingerprint, Card Access, Palm Reading and other geometries, Face Recognition has remained an area of interest and research because of its unparalleled nature and uncommon properties. Reason why it is becoming one of the foremost choice in the field of Security & Access Control is that it requires Limited Human Efforts as compared to other Biometric techniques. Application area can be vast for this technique but majorly it is used in spheres like : Time Attendance, Employee Management, Visitor Management & Access Control Systems. An obvious reason which enhances the usage of face recognition, a difficult and lengthy task to maintain book records for entry and exits. Maintaining and verifying large books of attendance and access control can be a nightmare for departments and situation can go tricky with multi locations and various other modifications. So let us study about why and how Face Recognition can be the next favorite in the field of Security and Access Control.


Face recognition works on a completely different aspect or it will be better to mention that face reader is the future of attendance management and access control system. We opt for a divergent physiological identifier which is to recognize & map the facial symmetry of a human face and identify thru it.

Face reader monitors the dimensions of a face, maps the facial features which includes distance between eyes, nose & mouth from each other and saves an analytical picture of our face into it. facial recognition is an advanced technology that requires high-quality digital cameras for algorithms to operate accurately. A face recognition system captures a set of 3 different face postures in the photo or screen-shot from a video, then the relative size of that face image will be compared with the size. So, the photo’s quality can affect the whole face recognition process. Everyone has different face symmetries which makes this technique zero percent prone to theft, trespassing or any other sort of illegal activities.

Friday, 15 November 2019


Distinctive Features offered by face reader breaking the myths which alleged about its inefficiency in attendance and access control industry

Photo/Face Scanning:

Face recognition uses most distinctive feature of image scanning, recognizing and authentication. It is said that cyber crime can be executed from capturing blueprints of biometric data but getting someone's face symmetry data is impossible and one cannot break the algorithm by showing an image in front of the machine which is considered to be a break through in its security.

Till the time a person's face is not brought in front of a face reader, no image or any other kind of facial statistics or dimensions can help to enter the secured area.

Unique ID Enrollment:

Another feature affirming security with face reader equipment is the unique ID enrollment process. Under this, a face reader registers only one face with an employee ID. Lets clear it with an example, an employee with their unique employee ID gets registered on a face reader equipment for attendance or access control. A corrupt way to breach a face reader's security fencing can be; enrolling an employee's face on any other employee ID. with this attendance or access can be marked on a different person's ID and access would be permitted to a different person.

Unique ID enrollment makes sure that single face gets registered with the associated employee ID. A Face reader with this feature will never accept a single face with 2 Ids.

Dual Profile Management:

Two profiles are provided in a face reader namely; Admin & User. With this feature only admin is authorized to amend changes like,
  • To give/restrict authorities to users.
  • To add/remove employees from the machine.
  • To check & import data.

Dual profile management makes sure that all the data and features are under safe hands and there are zero percent chances of any sort of security breach.

Saturday, 2 November 2019

Google Pay adds Biometrics for digital payments

#GooglePay has come up with the most advanced and inventive method for #digital_payments which would now allow the users to make #online_payment transactions using #biometrics_technology which will include #fingerprint and #facial_recognition_system.

This feature supports the latest 2.100 version of the app and only available for #Android 10 for now and can might come for Android 9 as well. Earlier #PIN used to be entered to secure the transactions but now google has added support for biometrics #API.

Source : India Today

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