Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Assisting Organizations To Boost Employee Productivity

There is a narrowing focus on enterprise safety and security of both physical and logical assets. Increasing demand for enhanced security and government policies for security issues is driving the finger & card based electronic access control system market. According to recent market forecast report by Markets and Markets, the biometrics industry is estimated to grow from $4,217.2 million in 2010 to $11,229.3 million in 2015, at an estimated CAGR of 21.6 percent from 2010 to 2015. However, lack of interoperability with existing security systems is affecting the market growth. Also, high upfront cost and growing market for alternate technologies such as near field communication (NFC) and biometric control access are posing challenge to the market growth. Riding through the ups and downs of the market, Star Link Communication, based in New Delhi, enables organizations to keep the track of employee activities through Biometric Attendance & Access Control System.
Most organizations seem to have regarded absence of employees from work as unpredictable and uncontrollable which affects the overall productivity of the company, Star link facilitates Star Time Office Software to help organizations suffice the requisite. The software helps companies to streamline the workforce by keeping the track records of attendance thereby assisting HRs to reduce the managing cost while increasing the efficiency. Moreover, Star Link’s Leave Management Software is based on SQL server database with multi-Level leave approval policy that aids in automating employee’s leave management process. Additionally, Bio Link 09, a finger based access control system offered by Star link, avails multiple communication modes that allow users to get data easily without any hassle. Star Link Access control software simplifies management of access and generates various reports Door wise as well as User wise. Attendance report can also be generated with the help of Star Link Time Office Software.
Mitigating HR Performance Issues
The outdated HR systems with loose or no integration with accounting and ERP systems create inefficiencies and hamper visibility into business trends. Gaining visibility of HR performance is a growing challenge. Pertaining to that, Star Link renders customizable Payroll Software System that reduces the human effort and enables every process to be done in a single click. The software offers Single click salary processing with in-built compliance related reports & data.
Star Link endeavours to evolve quality products by accentuating on delivering clarity & transparency through implementation and automation. The company works to add new features to the products that are available on web and mobile platforms with effective process orientation and fully IT enabled operations. “We are planning to come up with solutions based on Adhaar authentication. Along the same lines, we are focused to expand our security domain at home level by integrating IoT with our systems to make it more intelligent”, asserts Vipin Yadav, Managing Director, Star Link. Ensuring security and reliability, the organization puts efforts in exploring the latest innovations for enhancements in the global market and takes all necessary steps to do justice to the clients.

Saturday, 27 October 2018

Fingerprint Attendance Machine To Be Introduced In Colleges.

Biometrics presence is growing pretty fast these days. Even with some limitations, the technology’s acceptance rate is positive. It has penetrated to many or all private spheres with the government institutions not very far behind. The biggest reason for this is the unique benefits it offers, ‘saving time and resources’ being the most important.
With such great acceptance, it is likely to administer into a major part of our society, the educational institutions. Recently, there have been a lot of discussions and state government panel meetings on whether and how to implement and introduce ‘Fingerprint Attendance Machines’ in colleges.
What It Would Do?
Biometric Attendance System is clearly a unique invention. Its feature to monitor a human body’s characteristics is very pleasing. So, how would it affect college students? How implementation in colleges shall benefit everyone?
It is absolutely true that college students do like to bunk classes and do other important things, ‘at least important things in their eyes’. In fact not only students, even teachers in many top institutions want to skip classes and roll for reasons unknown. In that aspect, Biometric attendance machine plays a key role in getting them together to their original spots.
Institutions are now applying pay-per-attendance scheme. Not to be taken negatively, this means that students would get a certain number of marks out of their total, with a certain attendance percentage. It means if the student doesn’t attend the number of classes as guided by rules, he/she is likely to not get the marks. In case of teachers, their salary would depend on their attendance performance.
This is the most basic aspect that addresses the issue. The more complex issue in college attendance is that attendance counts for student assessments. Simply, attendance does not reflect the true performance of a student. Counting each student’s attendance is a laborious and mammoth task and incorrect attendance affects the student drastically. Imagine counting the number of matchstick from a stack of matchboxes. The machine simplifies all this operation after it’s equipped with the appropriate data.
In fact, not only students and teachers but also the college staff could benefit from registering their attendance in the machine. Imagine the lengths of work and calculations eliminated due to this.
Some Great Benefits
Installing a machine is cheaper than the initial cost as the return-on-investment is highly applicable here. With prolonged use, this would become the common commodity.
  1. Administration could focus on other student welfare tasks
  2. Resources, most importantly paper wastage is minimal with cloud-based data management
  3. Duplicate data entry or proxy punching becomes obsolete
  4. Automatic leave calculation for teachers/staff
  5. Easily track teacher and staff allocations with attendance
  6. Updating parents about the student’s performance through SMS/Emails
  7. Lastly, maintaining healthy student confidence by fair marking
Introducing, time attendance machines in colleges are definitely a huge bonus as far as saving time and work’s concerned. However, many students might not like whole idea of installing the machine in the first place due to cutting of their free and enjoyable times. So this is a decision that shall be taken after proper consent from both parties.
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Thursday, 25 October 2018

#FaceReader automatically analyzes the #FacialExpression like eyes, cheeks, ears and other facial aspects by capturing the #image and #matching it with the #database
✔️Accurate, Robust, Fully functional, efficient, and simple in use
✔️Performs better even in the low-light medium
✔️Contact-less Biometric solution
✔️Offers the additional security features into the Attendance System and Access Control System
✔️A hygienic way of punch (Ex. In Canteen)
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Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Myths Regarding Voice Biometrics

Biometric technology has a deep impact on the security industry, with most of the major corporation use it to strengthen their security frameworks. Along with other biometric devices using fingerprints and iris scans to allow access to the user, voice authentication has also gained popularity in recent years. But like any new revolutionary technology, voice recognition biometrics is also surrounded by numerous myths and misconceptions.

So, without wasting any times, let’s shed some light into the matter and find out why voice authentication based access control system are safer and more reliable, despite most of the people believing otherwise.
  1. People Can Hear Your Password And Copy It To Access Your Account
    You are always asked to keep your Username and password secret and never to say it in public, so when you have to say your password for identification it makes you skeptical about the security. But like any other password, our password for the voice authentication biometric device will be safe even if someone overhears you. The reason, your voice print.
    Unlike any PIN, password or even your fingerprints, your voice print is unique and even if the other person knows your password, without your voice print, they can’t get access. Even if someone sounds exactly like you, they can’t fool the system and there have been various tests to prove that.

  2. You Can’t Access Your Account If You Have Cold Or You Don’t Sound Same Due To Any Reason. Again, it doesn’t matter if you are sick or doesn’t sound like yourself, the voice recognition biometric devices compare different parameters to provide you access. According to the research, the success rate for voice authentication is as high as 94% which higher than the success rate for PIN or password. With more than 100 aspects of your voice being compared the chances of success are much higher.

  3. You Cant Change The Password In Voice Biometric Device. Fingerprints and Iris scan are static biometric credentials while the voice is a dynamic credential. You have limited fingerprints and iris scan while your voice password has no such limit, you can change the password to your liking and with just a few different letters, you can create hundred of different combinations.

Saturday, 20 October 2018

Adoption of Star Link Biometrics in Law Enforcement

Adoption of Star Link Biometrics in Law Enforcement

If we have the latest technology then we should always try to use it for the welfare of the society. Same applies to biometric security and fingerprint identification systems which enhance the security level by multiple folds.
The biometric security system has got the recognition in these recent years and these systems widely adopted by the government and the private company. The governments across the world are using the fingerprint scanner for the law enforcement, for example, the Indian government has used this biometric technology in Aadhaar Card for the unique identification of the person in India. This serves the purpose for civil identification, border access control attendance etc. the other private business set up have been using it for the employee identification to gain the physical and logical control for access, user identification and safeguarding the communication over the cloud. Biometric system has been embraced by all the organization and they generally used fingerprint access control maintain the attendance of the employee. The availability of the fingerprint sensor is very much affordable in the cellular device or mobile device. These devices are getting common day by day because of its inexpensiveness and due to widespread use.
Mass production of the biometric security devices cuts down the management work to half. Biometrics technology has turned out to be more proficient, speedier and securer than customary ID hones like ID cards, get to cards, PINs and passwords, which are either ownership based or learning, based verification factors. Biometrics, being inherence based factor, takes out plausibility to overlook or offer passwords and misfortune or robbery of ID get to cards. Actualizing multi-modular biometrics or multi-factor confirmation with biometrics as one of the fundamental variables gives considerably more prominent security, which is a typical prerequisite in high-security offices like military setups, server farms, atomic reactors, R&D offices.
Enormous achievement and selection of biometric security have instigated large scale manufacturing and these gadgets. Once expected just in high-security offices, biometric acknowledgement frameworks have come to in the pocket of regular populace. Today, biometric acknowledgement frameworks have gone to the value point, where private ventures and even people can without much of a stretch bear the cost of them for office/home security, participation, worker/client distinguishing proof, enrollment administration, the purpose of the offer, and so forth.
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Thursday, 18 October 2018

Star Link wishes you a Happy Vijay Dashmi !!!!!!!

Good wishes for a joyous #Vijayadashmi! May Goddess Durga grant all your wishes and bless you with good health, success and happiness.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Employee Self-Service System

Employee Self-Service or ESS is an additional and a very important feature of modern HR Management System. It allows the employees to resolute problems which may require the help of HR personnel. ESS can help employees to solve any HR related or even any other job-related tasks without the involvement of the HR department. However, ESS can be very helpful for certain companies to reduce man-hours and labor cost, it is not suitable for each and every company.
ESS, Employee Self Service is a part of complete Human Resource Management Software and it has certain specific features which make it very handy as a payroll software and much more.

Features of Employee Self Service System

Most ESS frameworks enable employees to change individual data, for example, address, contact data and managing an account data – however, some form of approval might be required. Some ESS Systems additionally enable workers to see booking and finance data. Indeed, even the simplest of the self-service systems enable workers to submit time off requests and allow the employers to manage these requests.
On the off chance that there are any issues that employees are not approved to directly change using ESS, some HRMS enable workers to correspond electronically with the HR office. This enables workers to send messages outside of standard office time, which spares time and effort for the employees and HR personnel.

Benefits of Employee Self Service System

Employees can modify their personal information in case of any changes occurring in their lives, for example, address change etc.It gives Human Resource Professionals less hassle to manage the records of the employees or to make any changes.ESS Payroll Software can help the employers to automatically manage the salary of the employees without the involvement of any manpower.With Employee Self Service payroll software, the management team doesn’t require to interfere with the payroll process as the software keeps track of every activity of the employee and calculates the salary accordingly.As the employees are in control of their own information without the physical presence of an HR representative, they are more likely to prefer this method.
With the successful implementation of biometrics in a large company, the results can be seen immediately with an increase in productivity and efficiency. Management will save a lot of man hour which can be used for more productive work instead of mundane activities like gathering information on a daily basis.

Thursday, 11 October 2018


Face Reader automatically analyzes the facial expressions by capture the image and maps it with the database. It is designed and developed by the in-house team of Star Link and having a metallic body, which is best suited for the industrial purpose. Also, it fulfills all the requirements of the Indian environment and makes it robust.

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Child Secure Pickup Solution For School

#ChildSecurity #SchoolSecurity #securityofstudents #BiometricAttedance #Childnotification
The #challenge for us was to determine the #authenticity of the person who is coming to #school to receive the #student. We solved this with a combination of #data_control and the access control system.
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